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Here’s Looking At You Georgia

“This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.”
– Humphrey Bogart, CasablancaATL 1Hello Georgia.

We’d like to ask you out on a weeklong date.

Starting Monday, January 11th, a big contingent from the Foothills mothership is headed down for a one-week celebration of our expansion into your fair state.

Following is a list of venues we’ll be visiting/drinking in while we’re there:

• Argosy
• GA Chapter Room
• Brickstore Pub
• Taco Mac
• North Highland Pub
• Cypress Street Pint and Plate
• The Porter
• Hand in Hand
• Tap
• Hop City
• Square Pub
• Kaleidoscope
• World of Beer
• Midway Pub

• The Wing Cafe & Tap House

• Beer Market

• 15th Street Pizza

• Trappeze

• Taco Mac

• World of Beer
• The Distillery
• Ordinary Pub

• World of Beer

Looking for the when and where? Gotcha covered. We’ve created a special Georgia Launch page on our website calendar; all times, dates and venues are listed there, along with the beers we’ll be pouring at each location. SPOILER ALERT: we’re bringing some special beers, including Frostbite Black IPA, Barrel-Aged People’s Porter, Hoppy Medium Imperial Brown Ale, and yes, Sexual Chocolate.

Also, we thought we’d have a little fun with you next week (outside of the beer drinking, merrymaking thing – this is a date right?), so we’ve created a #FollowFoothills hashtag, and most of the GA launch events on our website have a question related to our brewery on them. If you’re coming to an event, use the hashtag to let us know; then when you get there find one of us and tell us the answer. We’re bringing tons of swag – in other words, you’ll probably get lucky on our weeklong date.

See you next week Georgia. It’s a date.







Cheers to Ten Years

“It is fun to be in the same decade with you.”
– Franklin D. Roosevelt, cabling Winston Churchill after their first meeting

10th logoWe kinda feel the same way about you guys.

??????????Ten years ago this March, Foothills Brewing opened its doors at 638 West Fourth Street in Winston-Salem. At the time it was one of only a handful (less than 20) of breweries in North Carolina.

The ensuing decade, both in terms of North Carolina craft beer and those who passionately consume it, has been, to say the least, fun. As the now 120-plus breweries in our state will attest.

Those ten years have seen ups and downs, (foot)hills and valleys, but most importantly have been founded on our fervent desire to provide the best quality, best tasting craft beer we could possibly brew.

It’s been a pretty fantastic ten years — thanks almost entirely to you, Foothills faithful. So as we made plans to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, it should come as no surprise that you’ve been in our thoughts frequently.

Here’s a look at what we have planned for you:

New Seasonal Series
Foothills Pilot Mountain
 Foothills OktoberfestYou want an anniversary beer? How about four? We’ve always offered a lot of seasonal beers, but never had a bottled quarterly offering. Until now. Starting February 1st, we’ll be releasing a seasonal six-pack every three months, starting with Pilot Mountain Pale Ale. While its been a core brand for us for several years, we’ve never bottled Pilot Mountain until this month. That will be followed by a brand new session IPA in the summer, our Oktoberfest in the fall, and a black IPA in the winter.

Our bottles will also have hip new bottlecaps in 2015.

FHB (4)

Foothills Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout BBASexual Chocolate
Our 10-year anniversary edition of Sexual Chocolate is scheduled for release January 31, 2015, with the annual “Pre-Sex” bottle share party scheduled for Friday evening January 30th.We might have a few anniversary surprises for you this year as well. Sexual Chocolate chocolates, perhaps?


The Decade Parade
What’s a birthday without a party? Or 16. I know, 10 parties would have been ideal. 10 years, 10 parties. Very alliterative. But there’s just too many places we wanted to share in our celebration. So (starting in Charleston this month) we’re holding 16 parties throughout the region, culminating in our new tap room’s grand opening party sometime in April or May (more on that below). The cities we’ll be hitting include:
Asheville NC
Charlotte NC
Greensboro NC
Raleigh NC
Durham NC
Wilmington NC
Winston-Salem NC
Knoxville TN
Greenville SC
Columbia SC
Charleston SC
Roanoke VA
Richmond VA
Norfolk VA
Arlington VA
Washington DC
Soon as we have a full list of dates and locations, we’ll let you know.

dirt room

Our Tap Room! Currently our Dirt Room.

Foothills Tasting Room
We broke ground December 14th at our production brewery (3800 Kimwell Drive in Winston-Salem) on a 28-tap tasting room. It’ll be spacious, open-air, and offer plenty of  fun stuff to do while you down a pint or two. It won’t have a kitchen but we might be able to find a few food trucks to hang out with us on a regular basis. What it will have is live music, a run club, and tours of our brewing facility. We’re shooting for a soft opening sometime in late April, with a blowout grand opening party to follow shortly after that.

Pub events
Ah, the place where it all began. We’ll be celebrating all year at our Winston-Salem pub — including Chef Shane baking a ginormous birthday cake on March 17, they day we opened, to celebrate with all our Winston-Salem friends. But mostly we’ll just be hanging out all year, waiting for you to come in, have a pint, and raise a glass with us to celebrate 10 years together.

This is just the beginning – who knows what party, tap takeover, collaboration or general frivolity we might dream up between now and the end of the year. Stay tuned.


A Fine Mess

In our brewery, cleanliness is next to godliness.

That mantra stops at the door to my office.

I suppose I could maintain an immaculate work environment (I actually felt a little better about that after reading this article). But like it or not, my office has become a copious menagerie of all things Foothills. A brew-cumulation, if you will.

Some stuff is kinda cool. Other stuff is . . . well, just stuff.

You be the judge:

The first bottle of Jade IPA. Like, ever.

first Jade

Our latest gear ideas. Would you wear a shirt this purple? I mean, without being an ECU fan?

Jade purple shirt

A bajillion label samples.


Another bajillion merch prototypes.


Perhaps the only known unopened collection of our entire IPA of the Month series (through June anyway).

all IPAs

Also, our very first IPA of the Month tap handle (or what’s left of it after Caleb dropped it). Been thinking about making this a part of our ‘name the label model’ prize pack one month.

busted tap handle

A Sexual Chocolate glass filled with Sexual Chocolate cocoa nibs. Yes they’re edible. Not particularly tasty, but edible.


Malted barley. Quite tasty actually. Often serves as a mid-afternoon snack in a pinch.

barley glass

The entry requirements for this year’s Great American Beer Festival – all 72 pages.

GABF entry

Dog bed. Complete with dog.


There’s more. Lots more.

Maybe when we open our new tasting room I can be a stop on the brewery tour.