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Sexual Chocolate 2015

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”
Linda Grayson


Hello friends. We have Chocolate.

Time once again to don your parka, pack up your sleeping bag and head to Foothills for our Annual Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout Release on January 30 and 31. If you’ve been with us before for this most special of days, then the details below will be familiar to you. Read them anyway. If this is your first time, then congrats on scratching this particular shindig off your Craft Beer Bucket List. You too must read on carefully.


– Foothills will host its traditional Bottle Share Pre-Release Party on Friday night January 30th beginning at 7:00 pm, in the brewery portion of our brewpub at 638 West 4th Street in Winston-Salem. Here’s how it works: we open up the back of our brewpub to anyone and everyone who brings a bottle or two (or three or four) of their favorite rare, unique or coveted craft beer. Interpretation of that description is up to you, but show up with a 6-pack of Blue Moon and we’re not responsible for the incessant mocking which will certainly ensue. We’ll have Sexual Chocolate on tap at the bar, and appetizers to snack on if you’re famished.

??????????– The line to buy Sexual Chocolate bombers (22-oz. bottles) will begin on the sidewalk outside the front door of the pub. You’re welcome to queue up any time after we close at 2:00 am the previous evening. So for once you don’t have to actually go home at closing time. NOTE: please do not, repeat, DO NOT, start lining up before we close. Violators will be sent to the back of the line and force-fed Lime-A-Ritas.

– City police officers will be on hand overnight. No doubt this will prove to be for cosmetic purposes only, since we all know what a well-behaved lot craft beer enthusiasts are. There’s a rumor that those nice officers will let you enjoy your own, um, refreshments until daylight. We can neither confirm nor deny . . . we will, however, refer you to the aforementioned good behavior. Wink wink nudge nudge.

– There will be portable restroom facilities in the back parking lot. We’re thoughtful like that.

– Around 6:30 am we’ll all run a lap around the block. Only finishers get their beer. Just kidding. We’ll havBBASC1e our bleary-eyed but cheerful staff on hand at that time to distribute numbered wristbands to denote your place in line. (Captain Obvious says make sure you have your ID with you.)

– The pub will open at 8:00 am, Sexual Chocolate will be tapped and waiting (as will 14 other beers – viva le variété). We’ll also have breakfast available for purchase. You know, solid food. If that’s your thing.

SC for blog– Bottle sales will commence at 9:00 am. You’ll be summoned by your wristband number in groups of 50, whereafter you’ll pay for your bottles in the pub then proceed in somewhat orderly fashion to the brewery in back, where you’ll receive your beer.

Bottles are $15 each, limit of 6 to a person. Any questions about that? Then the answer is 15 and 6. (btw that is an increase from the 4 bottle max of the past. You’re welcome.) We take all forms of payment — cash, credit cards, your firstborn . . .

– Bottles tend to get snapped up quickly. This is the part where we politely suggest that, if you want to partake in this beer, please please please plan accordingly. If you show up at 3 in the afternoon and complain bitterly that there’s none left, you will only create bad karma for yourself. That and the staff will be doing impressions of you until next year’s release.

– Another way to create bad karma? Trying to take the easy way out and asking us on Facebook/Twitter the best time to get in line. Please believe us when we say WE DON’T KNOW. Every year is different. So suck it up and come stand in line. Hang out. Make friends. Be one with us. Or, if you REALLY don’t want to camp out, you can buy a spot at the front of the line with proceeds going to charity. Details and link below.

– We don’t provide boxes or bags – that would expand our carbon footprint exponentially. Please bring something to safely cart away your newly purchased liquid treasures. How big you ask? About 6 bottles big.

– No growler fills of Sexual Chocolate. And no growling about no growler fills.

teku glass– We will have plenty of Sexual Chocolate Rastal Teku glasses for sale ($15). They’re very cool. Somehow the beer tastes better in them.

Want to stay up to date on all the latest leading up to this event? Then follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Also check back to this blog, we’ll update it frequently with new info. In fact I just now added this sentence.

Headed here from out of town? The Winston-Salem Marriott (walking distance from the pub) has a special $89 rate just for Sexual Chocolate attendees.

Curious about the history of Sexual Chocolate? Read all about it here. Or watch an incredibly hip video about it here.

Last but not least: it’s our 10th Anniversary. Expect surprises. Also be prepared to grab our limited edition anniversary t-shirt ($10) and pint glass ($5).


1/25 UPDATE: Overnight weather is going to be a little chilly — forecast low is 26°. Good news is, currently 0% chance of precipitation.

1/26 UPDATE: The auction for the first of three front-of-line spots (no camping out required) is live now – all proceeds to charity!

1/27 UPDATE: all three spots now up for auction, you can see and bid on them here.

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Queue For A Cause

SC for blogOnce again Foothills is offering you the chance to eBay your way to the front of the Sexual Chocolate Release line — and help some worthy charities while you’re doing it.

Last year we auctioned off the first spots in line for Sexual Chocolate Release (January 31), with all the proceeds benefiting local Winston-Salem charities. We’re doing it again this year, with the first three spots up for grabs.


  • Auctions will be held daily for 3 consecutive days starting Monday January 26, 2015 at 9am EST. One spot will be auctioned each day (January 26, 27, and 28). Per eBay rules each of our auctions has to last at least 3 days, so bidding will last 72 hours for each spot.
  • In addition to getting a spot at the front of the line (without having to camp out), winning bidders will also receive a Foothills prize pack with all kinds of cool stuff in it.
  • Forsyth County Humane Society, Habitat For Humanity, and Piedmont Environmental Alliance are the charities involved.
  • Like last year we’re letting the charities compete for the lion’s share of the auction proceeds by building up Loyalty Card points at the pub. So if you’re in for a pint or a bite, and want to have your check total added to one of the charities, just ask your server to do so.

Good luck and happy bidding! We’ll post the auction links on our Twitter and Facebook pages once they’re live.