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A Fine Mess

In our brewery, cleanliness is next to godliness.

That mantra stops at the door to my office.

I suppose I could maintain an immaculate work environment (I actually felt a little better about that after reading this article). But like it or not, my office has become a copious menagerie of all things Foothills. A brew-cumulation, if you will.

Some stuff is kinda cool. Other stuff is . . . well, just stuff.

You be the judge:

The first bottle of Jade IPA. Like, ever.

first Jade

Our latest gear ideas. Would you wear a shirt this purple? I mean, without being an ECU fan?

Jade purple shirt

A bajillion label samples.


Another bajillion merch prototypes.


Perhaps the only known unopened collection of our entire IPA of the Month series (through June anyway).

all IPAs

Also, our very first IPA of the Month tap handle (or what’s left of it after Caleb dropped it). Been thinking about making this a part of our ‘name the label model’ prize pack one month.

busted tap handle

A Sexual Chocolate glass filled with Sexual Chocolate cocoa nibs. Yes they’re edible. Not particularly tasty, but edible.


Malted barley. Quite tasty actually. Often serves as a mid-afternoon snack in a pinch.

barley glass

The entry requirements for this year’s Great American Beer Festival – all 72 pages.

GABF entry

Dog bed. Complete with dog.


There’s more. Lots more.

Maybe when we open our new tasting room I can be a stop on the brewery tour.