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  1. Hello. I’m looking for bartending services for an event in High Point, NC. Could you provide me with the packages?

  2. Enjoying your Torch Pilsner. Thrilled that with all the craft breweries popping up everywhere some is giving an honest go at Pilsner without adding some ridiculous fruit or other flavoring. Having cut my teeth in Germany on the Czech border, I was able to enjoy numerous pilsners all with different character with just the honest ingredients you’ve used without masking dull efforts with pear, mango or other nonsense. Torch is a worthy addition to those beers I grew up on. Bravo!

  3. I was lucky enough to get a couple of 22s of the Moravian Porter and it just isn’t enough!!! Do you have a listing of restaurants/ pubs in the raleigh area that may have a keg? Thank you!,,

    • Jenn, unfortunately we don’t distribute the kegs outside the Triad – it disappears so fast we can’t get it any farther. But glad you found some, we will increase production next year and the Triangle might be getting it on draft – stay tuned to our social media channels for info!

  4. what is your email address to contact the brewery?

  5. Done! great suggestion Kat, thanks

  6. Thanks! You might want to put that link on your blog so people can find you or put the contact information here as well in case people, like me, find the blog and not the website first. Just a friendly suggestion. We will definitely visit when we are down that way!

  7. Um, where are you located, exactly? Contact and location, and hours information would be most appreciated!

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