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Life Needs *more* Beer in 2023

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As we get ready to close the books on 2022, we’ve got our eyes firmly fixed on the year ahead—and it’s going to be a doozy. We have some big changes coming to the back-of-house at Foothills. 

First-up, we’re getting ready to put in a brand-new canning line here at the Kimwell brewery in Winston-Salem. We’ve been canning for years, but this new line will massively increase our ability to offer your favorite Foothills beers in handy canned packages (more on that below.)  

Next (and maybe most importantly) we’re upgrading our brewhouse, so we can make even more of the delicious brews you’ve come to know and love. The new system—which is being custom-built for us as-we-speak—will increase our flexibility and efficiency which will make Hoppyum and Jade and all your other favorites that much easier to find.  

All this is preamble to the big news: your 2023 Foothills Brewing Brand Calendar. Read-on to see what we’ve got up-our-sleeves for the coming year. Of course, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what other surprises might pop-up. 

Foothills Brewing 2023 Brand Calendar 

The Highlights: 


As we mentioned above, we’re going to be putting a lot more of our beer in cans. Cans are the perfect vessel for getting beer to the places you want to be. Hoppyum at the beach? Yes, please. A fresh can of Jade in the mountains? Sign me up. Hazyum at the dentist’s office? Well, probably not that one, but you get the point.  

Thangs That Make You Go… Yum

Hoppyum. Our flagship, our foundation, and the beer we go-to the most. Hoppyum is getting an aluminum wardrobe upgrade and pivoting into more convenient canned 12-packs and 6-packs in the New year.  

Alongside Hoppyum is its chilled-out, hazy-heavy counterpart Hazyum. Hazyum launched in 2022, and we’re expanding the release across our total footprint.  

Brand new for 2023 is Happyum Hazy Imperial IPA moving into a year-round spot. As if the other two weren’t enough, Happyum is the beer for when you want to turn the party up a notch. At a whopping 8% ABV, Happyum may be the perfect delivery device for intense, tropical and juicy hop flavor. Come on, get Happy! 

Hoppyum, Happyum, and Hazyum are available year-round in 12-ounce cans, and 19.2-ounce cans.  

Grab A Snack: 

Love hops, but can’t choose a favorite? Why limit yourself. Grab a brand-new Beer Snacks Yum Pack with four cans each of: Hoppyum, Hazyum, and Happyum so you have the hop fix for wherever your mood takes you.  

Of course, we’ll also have all your returning favorites: Jade, People’s Porter, Torch, Festival Express, Pumpkin, Oktoberfest, and the silky Sexual Chocolate back for next year.  

We’re looking forward to 2023 and to sharing more great beers in the new year. Let us know what beers you’re most excited for, and what beer you’d love to see us bring back. As always, watch our social channels for any surprises and new developments coming down the line.  


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