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A Landmark Beer

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Pilot Mountain is getting some help – from Pilot Mountain Pale Ale.

In case you don’t know, our beloved Pilot Mountain, one of the most distinctive and popular landmarks in North Carolina, caught fire and burned for over a week in November and early December. The fire burned for over a week and ultimately consumed over a thousand acres of Pilot Mountain and the surrounding state park area.

If you’re familiar with us, then you probably recognize Pilot Mountain Pale Ale as one of Foothills’ original brews when we opened our doors in 2005. Also if you’re familiar with us, you know Foothills is always ready to help out in our community when needed (just look at our Craft Happiness Project).

So it didn’t take long for our owners to decide we needed to help Pilot Mountain come back from this disaster. Though we retired Pilot Mountain Pale Ale last year to focus on newer brands, we’re bringing it back for a special run, and will donate a portion of all proceeds of 12-pack sales to help Pilot Mountain recover. 

“Watching Pilot Mountain burn hit us all very hard here at Foothills”, said Jamie Bartholomaus, president and co-owner of Foothills Brewing. “Pilot Mountain Pale Ale was one of our original beers. The mountain is almost like a member of the Foothills family.”

It was Jamie’s idea to do something to help replant and restore the park that sees over a million visitors each year.

“When the fire happened, I knew we needed to make Pilot Mountain Pale Ale again to help restore one of North Carolina’s greatest landmarks.”

Foothills’ efforts have been noticed by those the proceeds will benefit. “The Pilot Mountain community extends beyond our great town near the base of our namesake landmark. This wildfire has shown us that we belong to a community that goes far beyond those boundaries,” said Pilot Mountain Mayor Evan Cockerham. “We are grateful for the support we have received across the nation and we welcome Foothills Brewing’s contributions to the restoration of our State Park.”

Friends of Sauratown Mountains – Preserving and Protecting the Sauratown  Mountains for Future Generations.

Adds Debbie Vaden, President of Friends of Saurtown Mountains, “We are excited to partner with Foothills Brewing as they bring back their popular Pilot Mountain Pale Ale. The proceeds they donate will be beneficial in helping us restore areas damaged by the Pilot Mountain Grindstone fire. Support like this from our community means so much and will go a long way in helping us return beauty and splendor to Pilot Mountain.”

Pilot Mountain Pale Ale will be released early in 2022 in 12-packs of 12-oz. bottles. Each box will have a QR code on it that will link to a website accepting donations to help with Pilot Mountain restoration.


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  1. Nice gesture by FHB.

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