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Sexual Chocolate 2018


FHB.14121.12 Sexual Chocolate 2017 label R1 MECHWhen the calendar turns over to January, we always celebrate the new year.

Shortly afterward, here at Foothills we always have another celebration —  Sexual Chocolate Release.

The Russian Imperial Stout that we make once a year comes out this year on January 26 (on draft) and January 27 (in bottles).

We will also be selling bottles of both Sexual Chocolate and Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate from vintages past on Friday evening at both the pub and tasting room.

This blog contains what we hope is every possible detail you need to come enjoy what has become one of North Carolina’s longest running beer release celebrations. Read carefully and let us know if you have additional questions.

Every year we start by releasing Sexual Chocolate on draft. We’ll do that at 4pm Friday January 26, at both our pub and tasting room.

Both locations will have special events going on Friday. The tasting room will have live music, food trucks, a make your own s’mores bar and a bonfire (details here). The pub will have, amongst other things, a funk band called The Randy Watsons, as well as hosting our traditional Bottle Share Pre-Release Party beginning at 9:00 pm-ish.

DSCN3527Here’s how that party works: we open up the back of our brewpub to anyone and everyone who brings a bottle or two (or three or four) of their favorite rare, unique or coveted craft beer. Interpretation of that description is up to you, but show up with a six-pack of certain mass-produced beers and we’re not responsible for the incessant mocking that will ensue. We’ll have Sexual Chocolate on tap at the bar, and (free) appetizers to snack on as well.


NEW THIS YEAR: we will be breaking into our vault and offering vintage bottles of Sexual Chocolate (and Olde Rabbit’s Foot) for sale on Friday evening at both the pub and tasting room. More details on that to come, but you won’t want to miss it – only twice in the last 5 years have we offered vintage bottles for sale.

These vintage bottles will be available Friday at both our pub (starting at 11am) and tasting room (starting at 4pm):
– ’17 Olde Rabbits Foot Imperial Stout
– ’17 Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout
– ’17 Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate
– ’16 Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout
– ’16 Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate
– ’15 Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate
– ’10 Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout
Bottles are $25 each, limit 7 per person. You can get one of each!

vintage bottles

If you wish to join the traditional campout to buy bottles at the pub, great!

DSCN3652The line starts on the sidewalk outside the pub’s front door. You’re welcome to queue up anytime after we close at 2:00 am the previous evening. (For once you don’t have to actually go home at closing time.)

City police officers will be on hand overnight. No doubt this will prove to be for cosmetic purposes only, since we all know what a well-behaved lot craft beer enthusiasts are. There’s a rumor that those nice officers will let you enjoy your own, um, refreshments until daylight. We can neither confirm nor deny . . . we will, however, refer you to the aforementioned good behavior.

There will be portable restroom facilities in the back parking lot. Please pay this small kindness forward during your use of them.DSCN3651

Around 6:30 am Saturday we will distribute numbered wristbands to denote your place in line. (Captain Obvious says make sure you have your ID with you.) We always have some little surprise for the hardy souls that line up early.

The pub will open at 8:00 am, Sexual Chocolate will be tapped and waiting (as will several other beers – viva le variété). We’ll also have breakfast available for purchase. You know, solid food. If that’s your thing.

Bottle sales start at 9:00 am. You’ll be summoned by your wristband number in groups of 50, whereafter you’ll pay for your bottles in the pub, then proceed in somewhat orderly fashion to the brewery in back, where you’ll receive your beer. IMPORTANT: once you receive your beer, we ask that you exit the rear of the building instead of heading straight back into the pub. Keeps the line from devolving into anarchy.

NO BOTTLE LIMIT AGAIN THIS YEAR. We did this for the first time last year and it was quite popular – so we’re doing it again. You’re welcome.

Bottles are $15 each. We take all forms of payment — cash, credit cards, your firstborn…

While we are emptying case boxes as we go, we don’t guarantee a box or bag to stash your bottles – doing so would expand our carbon footprint exponentially. Please bring something to safely cart away your newly purchased liquid treasures. How big you ask? About (insert number of bottles you plan to buy) bottles big.

teku glass

No growler fills of Sexual Chocolate. And no growling about no growler fills.

We will have plenty of Sexual Chocolate gear for sale, including t-shirts and Rastal Teku glasses .


Want to stay up to date on all the latest leading up to this event? Then follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Also check back to this blog, we’ll update it frequently with new info. In fact I just now added that sentence.Curious about the history of Sexual Chocolate? Read all about it here. Or watch an incredibly hip video about it here.

WEATHER: Current forecast calls for overnight low of 40 degrees. High of 61 on Saturday.



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5 thoughts on “Sexual Chocolate 2018

  1. How do we find out about release dates in other cities– particularly Asheville?!

  2. For those of us who are not able to come (and will be shamelessly envying every person enjoying the weekend) will there be any possible way to make an online or phone purchase? Or be able to reserve some bottles for later pickup….I know it’s a long shot.

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