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Double Take


PP FoothillsSeeingDoubleIPA“It’s a good time to be a hop lover”.

The inimitably sage words of our Brewmaster TL Adkisson, when we first sat down to talk to him about some big changes for one of our longest-running beers – Seeing Double IPA.

If you’ve grabbed yourself a HopBox yet (and really, why would you not have?), then you’ve seen one of the most important changes – Seeing Double is now available, for the first time (and only in the HopBox) in a 12-oz. bottle.

But the outside isn’t the only thing that’s changed. The inside’s gotten a makeover as well.


Backstory: when craft beer first started being a thing, brewers looked at hops as a delivery vehicle for the alpha acids – those notorious chemical compounds in the hop cone that impart bitterness to beer.

As craft beer grew (and grew and grew and grew) there was a parallel growth pattern in research, breeding programs, and acreage dedicated to all things hop. Gradually the focus has shifted away from alpha acids and more to the essential oils that provide flavor and aroma. It’s opened up a whole new world for beer drinkers. One small hop for man, one giant hop for mankind.

SeeingDouble 12oz RT_Lo-resBrewers are a lot like painters – experimental by nature – constantly tweaking, refining and improving their works of art. Seeing Double IPA was Foothills’ first-ever high gravity beer -so it was due for some fresh, carefully considered brush strokes.

Here’s proof: one the main hops in our revamped recipe is Citra – which hadn’t even been invented when Seeing Double was originally brewed.

We’ve also added Mosaic, and replaced the Cascade dry hop with one featuring the aforementioned Citra, along with Chinook, a hop that adds the signature piney resinous qualities for which Seeing Double has become known – while getting a nice compliment from the citrusy floral qualities of its fellow hops.

The malt profile was also refined, dialed down with base malts and made a little drier, simply to promote the new hop bill. Think of the grains as the canvas and the hops as the paint.

The resulting beer is lower in ABV (8.3%), with IBU weighing in at a hefty 91. The hops are more crisp and aromatic, the malts a low-key complement, the finish a heady mouthful of tropical fruit (specifically pineapple), pine and resin. All in all, a more drinkable double.

TL has a more succinct description: “it’s sticky, man.”

Give the new Seeing Double a try, let us know what you think!



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8 thoughts on “Double Take

  1. Love this! But it’s going to change my Jade 1.5…

    Thanks for great beers!

  2. Hey Guys, I love just about all of your brews. Seeing Double and Jade are my top 2. Your Limited Release brews are fantastic. (Sexual Chocolate, and the recently released Domicile and Haven)
    You mentioned that the new Seeing Double finished with a heady mouth of citrus,(specifically pineapple). I don’t want you to get caught up in the “alternative fact” world. Pineapple is not a citrus fruit. It’s from the family “Bromeliaceae”. Citrus fruits are from the family “Rutaceae”.
    It’s all tasty, none the less. I’ve got a Seeing Double from my Hop Box, chilling right now and can’t wait to taste it. Keep up the good work!
    Cheers, Bill M

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