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WavyEDITOR’S NOTE: today is our marketing intern (or untern as we refer to them) Waverly Chin’s last day – she’s off to Colorado, but part of her internship requires her to write a blogpost about her experiences here. 

OK, let’s get something out of the way up front.

My friends hate me.

I can’t say I blame them.  I’d be jealous too, if they’d spent their last semester of college working in the fun, crazy, unpredictable, Wonka-esque world that is Foothills Brewing.

A lot of them have asked how I landed such an awesome gig.  Well, it wasn’t because of my years of marketing experience, my world-class knowledge of craft beer, or my incredible wit (all of those nonexistent, in case you’re not connecting with the sarcasm). No, I got this internship for an entirely different reason

I jumped in a kiddie pool.

IMG_2125Backstory: I had applied to be the Foothills untern here last summer, and wasn’t chosen. To say I was little devastated is to say craft beer is a little popular. I was crushed. BUT… fortunately for me, Foothills was hiring ‘extras’ to work at the 10th Anniversary party last summer, and I was asked to return for that.

It was a blast. And my first full taste of the people and culture that I would eventually, unwittingly, be a part of and come to love.

Oh yeah, the kiddie pool thing. Well we were wrapping things up at the end of the night, and we’d had a kiddie pool filled up for kids at the event (another reason to love Foothills: it’s the most family-friendly craft brewery I’ve ever seen). The marketing director who’d hired us all said (half-jokingly, I would find out later)  he’d buy a beer for the first person to jump in.

wavy3So long story short, I’m driving home soaking wet, wondering if that had actually been worth a beer (it was a Jade so YES). Turns out, it was worth a lot more than that. Apparently that one moment displayed qualities – spontaneity, spirit, willingness to flaunt convention – that are highly prized here at Foothills. Two weeks later, I was offered the opportunity to be the Spring 2016 intern.

The best part of my internship wasn’t just the beer. Well… I’m 22, so yeah, that’s been a big part of it. But it’s also been the people, the experiences, the memories and the culture of this magical place.

Some highlights:

  • I spent part of January helping launch Foothills in Georgia. Yes, a week of launch parties in Atlanta is how I spent the first week of my internship.
  • I spent April (NC Beer Month) traveling to different NC breweries for our #HopSwap initiative, witnessing firsthand the brotherhood and ‘coopetition’ that set craft beer apart from any other industry.
  • I got to see our brewery expand with the addition of three 400 barrel fermenters and a 400-barrel bright tank. I’m still amazed at how much those behemoths have changed the landscape and ‘feel’ of our brewery.

wavy2Most importantly, I got to be part of this family, and this culture. There is a pride in the work and the product here that I can only compare to my time on the High Point volleyball team. To see this many people pulling in the same direction is, quite literally, astounding. It is the stuff of which greatness is made.

I’m happy to have been a small part of that greatness.

Only one problem — I feel like this might be the best company I’ll ever work for. And my career’s just starting!


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