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Here We Come Georgia


JamieIt’s been almost twenty years since a certain young anthropology student began whiling away his free time homebrewing with friends in a dorm room at University of Georgia. Probably against school policy but whatever.

That student was Jamie Bartholomaus, who would use those humble beginnings as the genesis for a stellar career in craft beer  — a career that is now coming full circle.

Our brewmaster and president is pleased to announce that Foothills will begin distribution in the state of Georgia by early 2016.

“Georgia is where it all began for me,” Jamie says, “so obviously I’m pretty excited about finally getting an opportunity to sell our beer there.”

Adds co-owner Matt Masten,”Atlanta’s the biggest market in our region, we’re looking forward to having the Foothills brand there as well as GAthroughout the state.”
Beyond our emotional ties to the Peach State, distribution expansion to Georgia also makes practical sense. We distribute beer in every state that shares a border with North Carolina — except Georgia.

This territory expansion coincides with a planned brewery expansion, as we get set to install several new 400-barrel fermentation tanks (our largest ever) in our main brewing facility in Winston-Salem. Those tanks are scheduled to be online prior to delivering our first shipments to Georgia, and will increase Foothills capacity to around 70,000 barrels annually.

Lots more news to come on this, so stay tuned here on our blog as well as our social media pages for details as they become available – we’ll see you soon Georgia!.




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2 thoughts on “Here We Come Georgia

  1. Congrats! Excited to see this in Atlanta (and Georgia!) soon.

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