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Where There’s A Wil . . .


In 2014 we said ‘hey let’s make an IPA every month this year’. Or something to that effect. We have so many meetings I don’t recall exactly. Anyway the result was 12 tasty beers, complete with 12 lovely label ladies.

IPA 14

This year we shifted our IPA of the Month label focus to the canine companions of our Foothills faithful. Our crowd-sourced social media #FoothillsIPAdog contest netted close to 1500 entries.

While there were hundreds of adorable dogs, one particular hashtag user caught our eye:

wil tweet

Backstory: yes, Wil Wheaton is a movie star. And a TV star. And an internet star. And an avid consumer of craft beer. Even ours.

wil tweet 2

He is also, along with his lovely wife Anne, a passionate advocate for animal welfare, in particular pit bull rescues. The Wheatons work tirelessly to improve the lives of this misunderstood breed. They make videos. They make calendars. They hold fundraisers. And they have two rescue pit bulls of their own – Seamus and Marlowe.

Seamus Marlowe

In short, the Wheatons are truly fine dog people. So we are honored to have Seamus and Marlowe join the corp of #BarleysBuddies as our July Foothills IPA dogs – complete with label copy from Mr. Wheaton himself.



July’s IPA was brewed with Citra, Chinook and Sorachi Ace hops, with a unique addition of kiwi and lime during dry hopping.

So how did we meet a Hollywood star and put his dogs on our label? Thank Sexual Chocolate for that. Wil became aware of our magic chocolate elixir through his Raleigh friend (and ours) Charlotte Moore, and, as he tells it, “I became a fan of Foothills before the bottle was empty.” That led to a few fun Twitter exchanges . . .

ash wil tweet

. . . and more Foothills beer being enjoyed at ‘Castle Wheaton’ — including this year’s IPA of the Month Series.

wil murphy

Wil’s reasoning for reaching out to us about #FoothillsIPAdog is simple: “I thought it would be awesome to have my dogs on a label because I love them, I love IPAs, and I love letting the world see how wonderful pit bulls are, contrary to some of the pernicious myths surrounding the breed.”

His reaction to seeing Seamus and Marlowe’s label for the first time? “I thought it was amazing! I loved that they were exploring a planet that looked very similar to all those planets we saw in 1950s B movies, and I thought they wore their space suits very, very well. That rocket ship is cooler than any of the spaceships I’ve gotten to ride in, too.”

Quite a statement — especially from a Star Trek: Next Generation alum. Kudos to our artist Kyle.

As we do every month, we’ll donate a portion of the beer’s sales to a rescue organization in the community where our ‘label dogs’ live; in this case, the Pasadena Humane Society (where Anne is a board member).

Bottom line, we are immensely proud to have the Wheatons join the Foothills Family.

Fortunately the feeling’s mutual.

“I’m just really happy and grateful that our dogs get to be part of this project,” says Wil. “I’ve loved all the other dogs and their stories, and it’s really cool that Seamus and Marlowe get to be in such great company.”

July 2 reduced
EDITOR’S NOTE: you can follow Wil’s award-winning blog (which we highly recommend) here.


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  1. Creative comments , I loved the specifics ! Does someone know if I could locate a sample Smart Recovery Meeting Attendance Verification document to use ?

  2. Practical piece ! I loved the insight , Does someone know if I might get access to a fillable IRS 2290 document to type on ?

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  5. His first Foothills was probably the People’s Porter I took him as a thank you for being in the Hollywood Charity Curling event in July of 2013.

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  7. sweet of you to say, Kara, thanks — we’ll hold out hope on that palate thing

  8. I don’t drink beer – I know, I know – no palate – but I’d buy this for the label alone.

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