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same as it ever was

Once in a lifetime.

A term you hear often. Not to mention a damn good Talking Heads song. But I digress.

It’s a term not always applicable to the situation for which it’s used. It is, however, completely appropo in the case of our impending Choco-palooza next month.

SC for FacebookMost of you are aware of our big Tasting Room Opening Party plans, including the world’s first (and only – ever) 9-year draft vertical of Sexual Chocolate. Seeing your bright shiny faces that day to help celebrate an epic move forward for our brewery is something we’ve been looking forward to for months.

We also, like many of you, have been looking forward to tasting 9 years of an iconic beer we all adore. And frankly that part of the event has been dominating conversations here, specifically the logistics of delivering such a rare and unique treasure to all who wish to partake.

With over 500 having RSVP’ed to the Facebook event page, there’s plenty of interest – and that brings plenty of challenges. The time it takes to pour and serve nine sampler glasses is substantial in comparison with a plain ol’ pint – hence longer potential wait times. And I’m sure the talents of our guests are as numerous as they are diverse — but no one can easily carry nine glasses around.

Knowing there’s a lot of Chocolate aficionados out there, who will want to partake in this OIAL event, we’ve been working diligently to come up with a way to ensure those who don’t want to miss this – won’t. And we think we’ve got it.



The night before the Opening Party, we’re holding a Chocolate VIP event, hosted by the men who invented and perfected Sexual Chocolate – Foothills brewmaster and president Jamie Bartholomaus, and Foothills head brewer T.L. Adkisson.

Imagine flight with the Wright Brothers. Karoake with Rogers and Hammerstein. Surfing the internet with Al Gore. Jamie and TL have plenty of stories and anecdotes about the origins of this beer and its place in the North Carolina craft beer narrative.

It’ll be like drinking sour mash with Jack Daniels.

Each attendee gets:
– Ten 3-oz. beer samples — every year of Sexual Chocolate ever made (2007-2015), plus 2014 Bourbon Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate
– Hors d’oeuvres buffet by Chef Shane (including Sexual Chocolate cake for dessert)
– Limited edition Sexual Chocolate Teku glass

sexual-chocolate-tulip-glassWe’ll also have all vintages on tap, for those who find one they especially like and wish to partake of further. Cost is $95/person.

So let’s do the math: you can come Saturday, stand in line, buy each of these samples for $5 each (that’s assuming we have all vintages left when you get to the bar). After leaving a 20% tip (because why wouldn’t you) you’re out $60. Add in a Sexual Chocolate glass, now you’re at $75. For an extra $20, you can sit down and be served this rare and delectable collection of beer (and be guaranteed the entire vertical), hear stories and tasting notes about each vintage from the men who created it, and chow down on Chef Shane’s ridiculously talented cooking to your heart’s content. And leave with a cool glass.

Here’s the kicker: every attendee gets one more OIAL opportunity. Jamie has agreed to open the doors to our cellar, for this party only, and allow everyone the option to buy two bottles from our stash of vintage Sexual Chocolate (2010 to 2015) or BBA Sexual Chocolate (2011 to 2014). Something that’s never been done for the general public. Ever.

And you may ask yourself . . . how do I get here? (sorry last Talking Heads reference) Go to our EventBrite page to buy tickets – max of 4 per person. We’re cutting off ticket sales at a certain point so be expeditious.

Once in a lifetime. Don’t miss it.


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  1. So each 3oz sample is $5 on Sat?

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