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#FoothillsIPADog of the Month Details

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Yesterday we told you we’re having a contest across our social media platforms to choose 11 dogs to join our own beer dog Barley as label inspirations for our 2015 IPA of the Month series. Here’s some details:


  • Dog photos (no videos) can be submitted on any social media platform you follow us on: Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and must be accompanied by one or both of our hashtags: #FoothillsIPAdog and/or #BarleysBuddies. You must follow/like Foothills on the social media platform on which you submit your picture.
  • If your Instagram or Twitter account is set to private, make sure and tag us so we see your entry.
  • Creativity counts! Chances are we’ll get several entries for the same breeds of dogs, so make yours stand out. Use beer, beer gear, Foothills stuff, beautiful settings, stupid pet tricks . . . anything to make your dog one of eleven obvious choices.
  • This probably goes without saying, since dog people are all great people — but please understand the spirit in which this contest is intended. Your the best online community in all of craft beer, in our opinion, so we want to celebrate your dogs as a way to say ‘thanks’. To that end, please don’t get all bent out of shape at us if we happen to pick a German Shepherd that’s not your German Shepherd. We already have the cat people mad at us.
  • IMPORTANT: If chosen, understand that your dog will be the inspiration for an IPA of the Month label, subject to our artist’s interpretation. We will not be faithfully duplicating any photos sent in.
  • Winners will be chosen by our expert panel of, um, dog choosers. All decisions of the judging panel are final. Until they change their mind.
  • Thanks to the global technology we have at our fingertips, and the fact that we love all dogs anyway, this contest is open to every dog in the world. Can’t wait to get our first Tibetan Mastiff picture.
  • Winners will be notified prior to the month in which their dog will appear, at which time you’ll be sworn to secrecy. You may be asked to submit additional photographs from which our artist can work, as well as more detailed information about your dog. Like he’s a Pisces and loves long walks in the rain.
  • Submitting a picture indicates your consent to allow Foothills gratis use of that picture for the purposes of creating a label, and for use across all social media platforms. If your picture is chosen we’ll have a waiver thingie you’ll need to sign to that effect.
  • Each dog chosen, in addition to becoming the envy of his friends, will get a label proof signed by the artist, a labeled bottle, and a Foothills t-shirt for their human. More importantly, we will make a donation, in that dog’s name, to a humane society, no-kill shelter, or dog rescue program in that dog’s community. Wow,all that and good karma too. Or is that dogma?
  • Contest ends at midnight, November 30, 2014.
  • It starts — well, yesterday. Get going.

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