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My Foothills UNternship (Unconventional Internship)

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When I was a young girl — well, younger than I am now — I loved my dad’s homemade hot wings. Devoured them like a hungry Bills fan at the Anchor Bar. And when my young esophagus felt like it was melting from the heat, my dad (Buffalo native – holla) would, on rare occasion, let me quench the fire with a little sip of his Sam Adams.

barley and me

Me and the other intern. I know, no contest.

That, in its entirety, was the extent of my beer knowledge when I applied for the marketing internship at Foothills Brewing earlier this summer.

Given that rather precipitous lack of experience you’re probably asking yourself, why would I submit my resumé to a bastion of craft beer wonderfulness like Foothills in the first place?

Two Words: Ray. Goodrich.

He’s the master of marketing at Foothills. And no, I’m not just trying to suck up to my incredibly talented, super cool boss -who is probably proofreading this blog post as you’re reading it. (Okay, maybe just a little…)


my two greatest skills – selling koozies and photobombing

I guess my actual response would have sounded more like this: my passion for marketing derives from the desire to be a thought leader – and when it comes to leading that charge for craft brewing in North Carolina, no one is more influential, in my eyes, than Foothills.

So I typed what I thought was a captivating cover letter and hit “send”.

Although I was never named employee of the month (thanks to perpetual employee-of-the-month Barley), I think we made a great team these past few months.

From slapping koozies on sample cups at countless beer festivals, to devising new ways to put craft brews in the hands of my fellow millenials, I tried to earn my keep as 50% of the marketing team.


New Bern Festival with Wes and his luscious beard.

I was thrilled when we became the most-liked craft beer Facebook page in North Carolina, and when we passed 10,000 followers on Twitter. I also experienced what I dubbed “Christmas Morning” at the brewery, when the first of our four 300-barrel fermenters arrived at the end of July.

Looking back, I feel extremely privileged to have been a member of the Foothills family during such a monumental summer.

When my friends ask what I enjoyed most about my time as an untern, they assume I’ll brag about all the amazing brews I got to sample during my time here.

Don’t get me wrong, it was really stinkin’ cool. And I do brag. Often.

The best part, however, was the people. You won’t find a more boisterous and welcoming bunch in all of North Carolina. Heck, in all of craft beer. I have a feeling I’ll be popping in now and again for Thursday Trivia and maybe even a few festivals (…if I’m invited, wink wink).

The moral of this story is: my internship was an absolute blast and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Cheers to you Foothills!


Now about that lifetime supply of Jade


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