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Foot Men


Foot_Men_logoConsider the life of the professional craft beer maker. Most days up you’re before dawn. You pretty much live in rubber boots. It’s hot. It’s wet. There’s chemicals. There’s bumps and bruises.

All, just so you can wrestle with the brain-teasing, fickle chemistry of fermentation. Not to mention cleaning up its less-than-appealing aftermath.

That dedication to pursuing one’s passion, in virtual anonymity, has inspired our latest beer series. We’ve decided to cast the spotlight squarely on the talented brewers at Foothills – the Foot Men.

Periodically, we will encourage one of our guys to tear themselves away from the massive batches of Foothills beer they produce daily, and dial back to that which got them started – brewing something just for the fun of it.

pub brewery

The Playground

The idea took form a couple of years ago, as the brainchild of our brewmaster Jamie Bartholomaus and our head brewer T.L. Adkisson. Foothills was making plans to give the brewing staff a little more breathing room with a new, bigger facility. The question subsequently arose . . . what should be done with the pub brewery?

“We got the idea that we could use the pub as kind of a playground for ‘fun’ stuff,” says T.L. “Let our brewers experiment, do some stuff we wouldn’t normally do. Keep it fun and fresh.”

“We’ve got a really talented stable of brewers here. We need to let ‘em do their thing. They’ll enjoy it, and hopefully the customers will too.”


look at that concentration


Dave’s Foot Men Schwarzbier

You won’t have to wait long, at least if you’re in walking/driving/crawling distance of our Winston-Salem pub (which, at least for now, is the only place these very small batches of beer will be available). The Foot Men Series begins today, with a schwarzbier brewed by our pub brewer, Dave Gonzalez. According to Dave, it’s a black lager that drinks like a pilsner, medium-bodied, not overly roasty, with some really nice malt tones. And, as the first of the Foot Men, he’s a huge fan of the idea.

“It says a lot about us as a brewery,” he says. “It says we want to be diverse, let our brewers
do their own thing and be creative, kind of show off their talents.”

The goal of our new program? “Have fun and make great beer,” says T.L. simply.

Then, after a pause, “that’s the goal ALL the time.”

SO . . . any ideas for the Foot Men?


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3 thoughts on “Foot Men

  1. tell Dave the Schwarzbier is very tasty. I couldn’t drink just one.

  2. Great article. I will be in the Piedmont this summer and hope to check you guys out!

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