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Back to the Future

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??????????“OK”, we said to ourselves as the last of the new 200-barrel fermenters settled into place last May. “Now we can relax.”

Not so much.

Last year’s 70% increase in production capacity has quickly withered in the face of your seemingly insatiable thirst for all things Foothills. So we’ve made some long-range plans for expansion that should keep the Hoppyum happening for years to come. And we’d like to share them with you. So put your beer down for a sec and read on.

brewery sized

home sweet brewery

MAY 2014: We will finalize purchase of the 48,000 square-foot facility we have been leasing since December 2010. Located just south of Hanes Mall Boulevard in southwest Winston-Salem, we’re hoping this building and its surrounding property will eventually help define the Triad beer scene (more on that below).

JUNE 2014: Our head brewer got his hands on the checkbook and went on a little spending spree, so around mid-June new tanks will start arriving. Fermentation tanks, a cold liquor tank, a new whirlpool . . . the manufacturers can only make one per week, so every couple of weeks two big tanks will arrive on a flatbed to be installed. The fermenters will be 300 barrels in size, the biggest we’ve ever had. And there will be four of them. I’ll do the math for you . . . that’s another 55% increase in capacity. Other incoming hardware includes a 400-barrel bright tank and a 250-barrel cold liquor tank. Bottom line: by the time all that new equipment is up and running, we’ll be able to get 4 brews done in the time it now takes us to do 3 — a 25% increase in efficiency and production that will once and for all answer the question, “Where’s my Jade?!?”

brewery exterior sized

Future home of our tap room. Minus the vegetation.

JULY 2014: We’re constantly asked about scheduled brewery tours, which we currently don’t give (nothing personal). We would love to have you come visit, but wanted to wait until we could make it worth your while to come see us. So we’re building a tap room at our production brewery, in hopes it will be open by the end of the year and become a mecca for Triad craft beer lovers. So you can come tour the place, taste some beer, throw darts, play bocce ball, and hang out with us. But be warned – we play to win at bocce.

bocce sized

Seriously. Don’t mess with us.

All this planning is the result of increased demand for our beer. So, in essence, every new piece of equipment is a big stainless steel ‘thank you’ to you, our loyal Foothills family.

So stay tuned – and stay thirsty.


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