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5 Reasons You Should Care About NC Beer Month

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April is NC Beer Month, as we celebrate the beers and breweries unique to our lovely state. OK, we do that every day, but now you have an official reason to do it. For 30 days at least.

1. 100 and counting: There are now over 100 breweries in the state of North Carolina, about 4% of the U.S. total, with another couple of dozen in planning. Don’t look now but you are right in the thick of the surging craft beer movement if you live in the Tar Heel State.

2. Speaking of surges: Total beer volume growth was down about 1% last year in the U.S. But factor out fizzy yellow uber-marketed beer, and those of the craft persuasion saw almost 20% growth last year.

3. It supports local: Fresh beer’s the best beer. The closer your beer’s made to where you’re sitting right now, the more you’ll probably enjoy it. Unless you’re sitting in the Dan River. See? Local humor’s the best too.

DSCN22174. We’re throwing a month-long party: hardly a day will go by in April that we won’t have something going on at our Winston-Salem pub:

  • Mondays we’ll extend our randall hours and show a movie in the pub at 9pm. First one’s a surprise (hint: FOOD FIGHT!!)
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, we’ll add a ‘Beer Round’ of questions to our normal trivia nights; whoever accumulates the most points over the course of the month will win a private Beer School for 8 people
  • Friday nights we’re turning Chef Shane loose in our newly refurbished kitchen to create small plates and beer pairings
  • Every other Saturday we’ll open our brewery for tours and tastings (yes you can keep your glass)
  • We’ll wrap up NC Beer Month with a Beer Dinner on April 30th

2014-nc-beer-month5. It’s about beer: enough said.

So get out and celebrate! Go to to check out events in your area. See why North Carolina is the State of Southern Beer.


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